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Going Live ,

the first day of HATERPGCon

Hi all , James here , today sees the launch of HATES rpg website for the upcoming con on the 21st of April.
We have several games planned , and hopefully more to annouce soon , Dee Harding is planning a Cthulu Dark game set during Huriccane Sandy , Jack Gladwell is running a DD5thEd game based upon Soloman Kane and his blackpowder adventures , Greg Mysterioso will take you in to the Wild Wild west with RAILROADED! An Aces & Eights adventure and finally Lex Bigal will run his ongoing Atlantis rolling game of Dungoens and Dragons, these are the confirmed games , with several others still in the running.
If you want to play and join us just email or find us on facebook in the links.

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